How to send money from UAE to India?

  • Customer is taken to his Dashboard after login

  • Click 'Pay Now' to start payment to your receiver. Click on 'Add new receiver' in case you have not added a receiver before. Incase you want to make payment to an existing receiver, click on 'Pay now' button against the corresponding receiver

  • On clicking 'Pay now' the customer will be taken to the 'Payment booking screen' where they can enter the amount they want to send in the respective Foreign currency or INR and also select any applicable offers for the transaction.

  • Customer earns points on every transaction. 1 point earned for every Rs 200 sent to India. This can later be redeemed by the customer on any transaction with every 10 points being equal to Re.1. For example, if the customer has 50,000 points, he can redeem it for Rs 5000 on any transaction that he wants and the same will be credited in his beneficiary account

  • On clicking 'Next step' at the bottom of the screen, the customer is taken to the Transaction confirmation page

  • In the transaction confirmation page, customer can review the details and confirm the booking by clicking 'Confirm booking'. If he wishes to add a new sender account, he may do so by clicking on 'Add new sender account'

  • On clicking 'Confirm booking' customer is taken to the final screen wherein he is shown instructions about the next steps.

    1. Customer now must send funds to the Axis Bank intermediary account by adding it as a beneficiary in his Overseas Internet banking portal. This will be a one-time activity and for subsequent transactions customer may directly make payments to this account from his Overseas Internet banking portal as this intermediary account would have been already added as a beneficiary.

    2. Customer must mention the 'RXM' number or the reference number for the transaction in the free text field (field provided for adding a message or any instructions) provided in his Overseas Internet banking

  • Once the funds are transferred through his Overseas internet banking, the same will be automatically received by Axis Bank and the transaction will be processed and the beneficiary account will be credited