How do I track the status of my money transfer?

Enter your payment ref number (RXM Number) Track your transfer In case you do not know your payment reference number (RXM No), you can still track your payment by logging into Remitmoney.

Option 1 : Home Page (Payments not delivered)

Step 1: Log in to RemitMoney.

Step 2: Home Page will show the plausible reason for delay And the necessary action required from your end if any. Complete the action from your end.

Step 3: In case payment is still not delivered, please get in touch with our support team.

Option 2 : Payment History (All Payments)

Step 1: Log in to RemitMoney

Step 2: Click the Payment history Tab. We maintain entire history of transfers date wise on the graph as well as in a tabular format.

You can click on the 'Coloured' circles on the graph to check your transactions

You can check the entire list of the past transactions as you scroll down the page in a tabular form as well

All transaction details can be seen by clicking on '+' mark against individual transaction

Please note that "RemitMoney" sends regular email & SMS alerts to update you on the important changes in your payment status.