What can be the purpose of money transfer through RemitMoney?

You can send money to India for below mentioned purposes



➢Non-Resident deposits


➢Business Travel

➢Gifts & Donations

➢Health Service


➢Travel for medical treatment including TCs purchased by hospitals

➢Travel for education including TCs purchased by educational institutions

➢Foreign Currencies/TCs surrendered by returning Indian tourists.

➢Life Insurance premium except term insurance

➢Life insurance claim settlements (excluding term insurance) received by residents in India

➢Educational services (e.g. fees received for correspondence courses offered to non-resident by Indian institutions)

➢Donations to religious and charitable institutions in India

➢Receipts on account of migrant transfers including Personal Effects

➢Purchases towards travel (Includes purchases of foreign TCs, currency notes etc over the counter, by hotels, Emporiums, institutions etc. as well as amount received by TT/SWIFT transfers or debit to Non-Resident account).

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